This season, we have seen some amazing games of cricket. The previous two games of the ICC Champions Trophy were unbelievably exciting. First, the Bangladeshis did something truly exceptional and then, the English. These two thrilling games have made the cricket maniacs even more excited for the game we have today, India vs. South Africa.

South Africa’s record against India in the ICC Champions Trophy hasn’t been the best. In 2002, the two teams met where India came out as the winners. Again, in 2013, history repeated itself. So this means South Africans would be looking at some old scores to settle with the Indians.

As for India, they are the defending champions of this trophy. They had won the ICC Champions Trophy back in 2013 after beating hosts England in the final. After the first game against Pakistan, everyone was convinced that India was going to bring the trophy home again. But after their loss against Sri Lanka, the experts have gotten really puzzled about the situation.

South Africa is the number one ranked team in one-day cricket. This clearly shows how consistent they usually are. As a matter of fact, their record since the world cup back in 2015 stands something like this; South Africa have won 7 of the 10 series (70%) they played. Whereas, the Indians have won 4 of the 7 series (57%) they have played since the World Cup 2015.

This statistic shows that South Africa has a much better winning percentage compared to their rivals. Although some might argue that statistics are an important measure of performance, I would still say India has the better chance to fight Bangladesh in the semi-final because of South Africa’s history of failure in big tournaments. And the fact that both India and South Africa had lost their previous games makes the situation all the more exciting. We will be expecting a game of high intensity at The Oval.

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