The buildup to this semi-final in the Indian subcontinent has been sensational. There is much more at stake in this game than just reaching the finals. There are strong emotions involved which could be seen on the players’ faces as the game went on.
The skipper of India is known for his innate passion for the game. While that is an admirable quality in any sportsman, we have seen over the years that sometimes it gets the better of the people involved. In the press conferences, Kohli expressed how motivated he was to reach the final and his motivation and passion could clearly be seen on the pitch.
After the early fall of wicket of Soumya Sarker, Sabbir Rahman came on to bat next. He started out pretty aggressively. In fact, he scored some boundaries before his luck ran out. Kohli’s celebration after the fall of that wicket was intense, to say the least. After that, it was pretty smooth sailing for Bangladesh as Mushfiqur and Tamim were looking to be in good nick. However, Jadhav bowled Tamim (70) out which again expressed an array of Kohli-intensity. But the most talked about Kohli-celebration in social media right now is the one he did after taking Mushfiqur’s catch.
After he took the catch, he looked at the Bangladesh batsman and put his tongue-out. It was as if he was openly mocking him. While some fans thought it was disrespectful, plenty of other people thought that it was hilarious. In fact, people started posting on social media about how his expression kind of looks like a popular Snapchat filter.

Some people may be skeptical about Kohli’s infield-behavior, but his leadership and batting skills are unparallel to any other batsman of the modern day. Whether his celebrations are appropriate or not, you have to agree that world cricket needs a character like Virat Kohli.

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