Soumya Sarker is one of the fiercest openers the Bangladesh cricket team has ever produced. He made his debut back in December 2014 against Zimbabwe. Ever since then, Soumya Sarker has been a regular starter for Bangladesh. He usually starts alongside Tamim Iqbal who is also known for his big hitting.
Soumya started his career pretty handsomely. He scored his first ODI century against Pakistan. He was also in good form against India. But he was at his very best in the series against South Africa where he destroyed anything that came in his way.
After having played 30 innings, he has a pretty impressive average of 35.51 and a strike rate of 97.06. This strike rate is really high for an ODI batsman.
With all the stats to go with it, Bangladesh was looking at Soumya Sarker to play a vital role in the ICC Champions Trophy. Although Bangladesh’s campaign was a big success, Soumya Sarker’s performance throughout the tournament was light-years below his usual standards.
In the first game against England, he made a good start but was unable to build on it as he was out for 28 (34). In the following three games, he scored 3 (11), 3 (13) and 0 (2) respectively.
This kind of performance from a good batsman playing at such a high level brings loads of criticism. As you would expect, the Bangladeshi fans were not happy with the player’s performances and they did not miss the chance to let their feelings be well expressed on social media.

A man criticizing Soumya Sarker
At the same time the man criticizing and complimenting Soumya Sarker
The man expressing his feelings directly towards Soumya Sarker
The man hoping to see better performance from Soumya Sarker

The fans appreciated Soumya’s performance in the World Cup. That’s why they are so disappointed with his performance now. People criticized Soumya based on his playing style in the tournament. Judging from their comments, it is safe to say that people want him to be replaced from the top 11.

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