In the final of the ICC Champions Trophy played between the fiercest rivals of world cricket, India and Pakistan, there were plenty of surprises. Many people backed India to be the winners because of their performances in the tournament. Then for Pakistan to win the game by such a huge margin was a huge surprise for cricket fanatics all over the globe.
India was below par with their performances both with the bat and the ball. They managed to take only 4 Pakistan wickets and their performance with the bat was despicable.
In a day where everything fell apart for India, nobody seemed to believe in themselves. Not even Dhoni, Kohli or Dhawan. Their performances showed everything. However, there was one Indian player who still believed they could do the unimaginable. With more than 250 runs to go and only 4 wickets in hand, Hardhik Pandya still believed. He was hitting everything the Pakistan bowlers had to throw at him. In a day where nobody could stand up to the Pakistan bowling, Pandya did. He scored a marvelous 76 out of just 43 balls. As a matter of fact, the way he got out is what led us to this story. Pandya was run out due to some sluggish running by Ravindra Jadeja. Pandya’s anger could be seen as he was walking back to the pavilion.
Pandya then posted a controversial Tweet saying, “Hume to apno ne loota, gairo me kahan dum tha”. Roughly Translated, it means “We were robbed by our own, the others didn’t have the ability”.
Many people this Tweet awash with strong emotions was directed towards none other than Jadeja. However, he deleted the Tweet soon afterward. Virat Kohli defended him saying that it was all out of passion.
If you think about the thoughts going through Pandya’s mind while he was typing the Tweet, it really makes you feel for the guy.

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