Sometimes, the gentle bantering in the commentary box is more fun to listen to than watching the onscreen action. Some people even prefer to watch the games on TV because the experience is incomplete without the commentary.
Now we all know that Shane Warne and Saurav Ganguly both commentated on many games in this year’s ICC Champions Trophy. Courtesy of a Shane Warne Tweet, we came to find out that he had lost a bet against Saurav Ganguly.
Shane Warne is a former Australian leg spinner. He retired from world cricket quite a while ago but he is still affiliated with the cricket world through commentary. Australia, in this year’s tournament, was unable to win a game. In fact, they were only able to complete one of the three games they started due to rain. They were even interrupted in their final game by rain. Anyway, Australia’s third and final group stage game was against the in-form England. They had to win the game in order to go through to the semi-finals.
Now coming back to Shane Warne and Saurav Ganguly, there was a bet going on between the two. Shane Warne’s bet was, that Australia would win the game, and if they didn’t, he would have to wear an England shirt all day. We all know how the result of that game went. England had beaten Australia by a big margin after the D/L method was applied. As a result, Australia and Shane Warne both lost.
We all came to know about the bet because of a Twitter post made by Shane Warne. He mentioned Ganguly and talked about it. He also said that he would post a picture wearing the England jersey. He did post the picture as promised.

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